Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Temi Hason - A Turkish actress on Broadway

Temi Hason, who’s been living in the States for one and a half years, is the only Turkish actress on Broadway's ‘Spring’s Awakening.’ We will be able to see this young cello lover in a movie very soon as the main actress.

23 years old Temi Hason who’s been taking cello lessons since her first year of the conservatory has received her undergraduate degree at Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Her next stop was New York Film Academy where her life has changed permanently.  While she was a student, she has been offered an important role in 'Spring's Awakening.'

“I was the sister of the main character and as an international, it was almost impossible to get that role, but I got it thanks to my never-ending desire” says Temi. 

Hopefully, this very young talent will be one of the best actresses on Broadway and will continue making us proud!

Here are my longer articles on Hurriyet USA and Hurriyet Turkey daily newspapers in Turkish.

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