Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sinan Tuncay - A promising young talent!

A young Turkish director called Sinan Tuncay who recently shot one of the most original video clips of all times for a very famous Turkish star, studies at SVA in New York, nowadays.

This promising young talent to whom I've conducted an interview recently, is only 25 years old and has already gained the enormous support of Sezen Aksu, who is a pop music singer, songwriter and producer with a record of over 40 million albums sales worldwide.

He says that he is lucky that Sezen Aksu has demonstrated her trust to young talents whereas many people thinks that such a reputable name should work with famous and experienced directors. However Sezen Aksu's belief to Sinan Tuncay has been proven right after the big success of the video clip.

What did Sinan manage different and so successful? He, together with another young talent, the art director Sevil Kaynak built a scale model of Sezen Aksu's house for the clip; they even replicated the smallest items such as the pictures on the walls and even corns in the salad plate. They produced six different toys of Sezen Aksu herself reflecting different movements. They worked for three months, 18 hours per day and shot the clip by using stop motion technique mostly. Eventually, Sinan created a beautiful video clip that millions of people loved in Turkey and all around the World.

He thanks to his family for the understanding and support and he says he feels very blessed that he could reach and had the opportunity to explain his preliminary work to Sezen Aksu.

Here's my longer article on Hurriyet USA daily newspaper in Turkish.

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