Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Efe Kababulut - He flourished the family business in New York

LazzoniUSA is a Turkish furniture company competing with giant firms in New York nowadays. The CEO and the head designer of LazzoniUSA Efe Kababulut is only 24 years old.

Lazzoni is an established company that dates back to the 1950’s in Turkey. The company was founded by Osman Kababulut (The grand-grandfather of Efe) with a small capital, yet nowadays that small asset has turned into a big investment.

As Lazzoni grew day by day, the number of its stores increased and went towards the direction of overseas operations while simultaneously maintaining domestic structuring. LazzoniUSA opened its New York store in 2010 thanks to the entrepreneur spirit of the fourth generation Kababulut… Efe

Efe studied at one of the best design schools in the world, Rochester Institute of Technology! Efe Kababulut who got hired by a very big and reputable furniture company after his graduation, noticed that Lazzoni has no difference with all the other well-known companies. Consequently, he decided that a Lazzoni store in NYC would be achievable. Then the time came to convince his father to invest for the New York store. The father who believed in his son’s business decision made the investment. So, LazzoniUSA opened doors to Americans.

The young businessman Efe Kababulut and his talented team run the U.S. organization of the company with a huge success and aim to grow business in USA.

LazzoniUSA, which has a store in Chelsea, New York has also a storage in New Jersey. If you’re looking for affordable luxury, I recommend you to pass by LazzoniUSA and take a look at great furniture designed by Efe and Lazzoni’s talented Italian and Turkish designers.

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