Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Roy Gökay Wol - An independent life in New York

Roy Gökay Wol who was born in February 13, 1984 is a Turkish-Israeli filmmaker and theatre producer raised in Turkey and Canada. Roy is the son of an Argentine mother and a Sephardic-Turkish father. Roy currently lives in New York where he had shot several independent movies such as Art Machine, starring Joseph Cross, Jessica Szhor, and Joey Lauren Adams; A Wife Alone, starring Genevieve Hudson-Price, Ashley Springer, Alessandra Asante; The Ripple Project's Holocaust survivor documentary series ONE; and his play 'Quarter Life Calamity' has toured all over Canada.

His purpose in life is to transform the world into a better place by using the power of ‘Cinema’. He always aims to create remarkable stories and share them with his audience.

He owes his creativity to the music that he listens to, the stories that he reads, the movies that he watches, the odors that he smells, however besides all he is hardworking and energetic person who barely sleeps. During our interview he looked really tired, however when he started talking about what he’s doing, it’s impossible to stop him. He gives the impression that he can talk endlessly about his job.

It was a great pleasure to meet and conduct an interview with such a passionate, successful and promising filmmaker.

Here's my longer article on Hurriyet USA daily newspaper in Turkish.

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